Saturday, April 12, 2014

Very Intimate Spanking

So lately, my husband has rediscovered the joys of the first paddle we ever purchased. It is a thin but heavy plastic one, and is all sting. The other day he decided to spank me after I got out of the shower. I had dried off, but I was all lotioned up, and I had also just rubbed a lot of coconut oil onto my booty cheeks.  I do this after every shower to keep things soft and decrease the chance of skin breakage, because that's just no fun. However, getting spanked on a freshly oiled bum is not so fun either!  Ash had me lay on the bed then angled himself so that it was similar to otk.  He did start out rather lightly(so he says!)but it was so stingy that I kept trying to squirm away, so he trapped me with his legs and went to town.  Apparently he thought all my thrashing about and squealing was funny, because he laughed the entire time! Near the end, he spread my cheeks and spanked the inside of them!!! This was quite a shock to me, and very stingy, but I did my best to be compliant. That made me feel so submissive, and he had never done anything like that before. It was a physical reminder that there is no part of me that he can't have, in whatever way he wants.
 I am a lucky girl :) 


  1. River, this sounds like a lot of stingy pain spiced up with an additional dose of submission. The intensity of this submissive feeling often creates this tingling in my tummy and for me it sounds as if it does the same to you. Lucky girl :)


    1. Yes, tingly would describe that feeling nicely :-)

  2. Ah, they always hurt more right after a nice, hot shower. It's become a ritual for my husband to come embrace me right after I dry off and put lotion on. I absolutely love it when he hugs me in this vulnerable state, and I have to say I really miss it when he's not home after I step out of the shower.