Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Letter to my Husband--Warning!! Sexual Content

I recently sent my husband this email after asking him a question and getting an answer I didn't expect.  I like to check in with him periodically to see if he would appreciate any changes or additions to our sex life.  He said he would like a day to compose his answer, and I am patiently awaiting his response.

Honey I have some questions for you.  Sexually speaking I think I may be confused about what exactly turns you on.  As people, we are constantly evolving and changing and this is good, but I want to make sure we stay on the same page.  When I asked you today if you ever felt like telling me to get on my knees, calling me your slut, and fucking my mouth and you said no, it was confusing to me because you have done that before.  I enjoyed it, and you seemed to at the time as well.  So I guess I just want to discuss with you what you currently enjoy (obviously not that :) )  and what I currently enjoy.  I'll start with me, since I already know what I like.  As with everything in life, my wants and needs go through phases.  Right now, what turns me on the most is knowing that I am pleasing you and knowing that if I don't please you I will be punished (I know this is not reality, just a fantasy in my head as of now, but I enjoy thinking about it) in whatever way you choose. I also love sucking your cock and licking your balls. I love when I can do anything to give you pleasure. I just wish I knew more ways to do that.  I really enjoy being physically AND mentally dominated by you. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spanking a cold Bum

My husband took me shopping yesterday, for groceries, in 11 degree weather.  I'm so glad that he came because I got to sit in the car all toasty while he loaded up and put the cart away, woo-hoo!
When we got home I did help carry our stuff in, as it did require 3 trips from each of us to get it all in.  Now, you may not know this, but my husband is a booty smacker.  It's one of the things I love about him.  When we began dating and were getting close, discussing our expectations for a partner, I remember telling him: "I am all for chivalry and romance and equality, but I also want a man who's not afraid to smack my ass and tell me to get him another beer!" I was young, and it was as eloquent as I could be at the time :)  but he understood.  He took that as the green light to smack my bottom whenever he wanted, which I didn't protest, as we hadn't had the "spanking talk" yet, and I wasn't sure I wanted to at that point.  So, while I am spanked frequently, I also get a few swats here and there throughout the day just because he wants to and he can. But enough back-story,  back to the point .  After we got all the bags in Ash came up to me, turned me around, and began smacking my butt with his hand.  I jumped at squealed after the first few, as it hurt a lot more than a smack from a hand would. He got a mischievous twinkle in his eye then and asked "Oh, poor baby, does it hurt?"  To which I replied, "Yes! My ass is freezing from being out shopping and it hurts much more right now!"   He made a pouty face at me, then he smiled and I was told to bend over the couch! I tried to get out of it by telling him that I really needed to put the groceries away, but of course he said that could wait.  So I obeyed, pleading with him to use only his hand.  Thank goodness he listened, because he made me pull my pants and panties down and proceeded to smack away for at least a couple minutes. I didn't cry like usual, but I sure yelped and wriggled at lot! That seemed to satisfy him though :)  I think that I must forget every year that a cold bottom hurts more when spanked, because I never remember until he does it! I'd better be good now, though, as he's promised to make me sit in the snow bare-assed for a minute first if he has to punish me this month.  I told him that would never happen cause I am such an angel, but I don't think he believed me (the nerve!). 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello everyone! I have missed blogland and all of you :)  The holidays bring busy times with family in from out of town and children on vacation from school.  Also a major lack of spanking.  I am writing a new novel-length story and will post excerpts as I finish each chapter, starting next week.  Happy Holidays!