Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Letter to my Husband--Warning!! Sexual Content

I recently sent my husband this email after asking him a question and getting an answer I didn't expect.  I like to check in with him periodically to see if he would appreciate any changes or additions to our sex life.  He said he would like a day to compose his answer, and I am patiently awaiting his response.

Honey I have some questions for you.  Sexually speaking I think I may be confused about what exactly turns you on.  As people, we are constantly evolving and changing and this is good, but I want to make sure we stay on the same page.  When I asked you today if you ever felt like telling me to get on my knees, calling me your slut, and fucking my mouth and you said no, it was confusing to me because you have done that before.  I enjoyed it, and you seemed to at the time as well.  So I guess I just want to discuss with you what you currently enjoy (obviously not that :) )  and what I currently enjoy.  I'll start with me, since I already know what I like.  As with everything in life, my wants and needs go through phases.  Right now, what turns me on the most is knowing that I am pleasing you and knowing that if I don't please you I will be punished (I know this is not reality, just a fantasy in my head as of now, but I enjoy thinking about it) in whatever way you choose. I also love sucking your cock and licking your balls. I love when I can do anything to give you pleasure. I just wish I knew more ways to do that.  I really enjoy being physically AND mentally dominated by you. 
Whether you are giving me a command to obey or telling me I'm a bad girl, talking dirty or fucking me hard or holding me in place while you spank me I love all of it.  I know it's not "normal" for me to want you to spank me harshly, giving me what I need, which is no mercy.  Sometimes I wish you had a cruel streak in you.....might make it easier for you! I don't know why I feel so loved and protected when you make me cry and continue spanking me despite my pleas for you to stop.  Just for your own knowledge, I was never spanked by a male authority figure in my whole life and I don't consider myself to have "daddy issues".   I personally think that it just reaffirms to me that you are willing and able to make hard decisions and protect our family in the event that you need to......or some other instinctual thing(based on my conversations with other ladies who feel this way).  I know that you have told me that spanking me can be a turn on for you....I would like to know why.  What about it turns you on?  Is there anything about it that turns you off?  Is there anything I can do to make it more enjoyable for you?  Is there anything at all about punishing me (in any way, for instance: I am not sucking your cock just right so you stop me and spank me for a minute and give me instructions on how to do it better?) that you do or could enjoy?  Is there a fantasy that I can help you live out? Anything at all? I really want to try to be more in-sync with you so that we can enjoy each other fully.  I also want to know how you are doing with being my HOH.  And how do you feel I am doing at being a submissive wife?  Ok, I know this is long so I just have one more question:  how do you feel about "playing pretend"?  If you are uncomfortable doing something in our everyday life but would consider it sexy if done only in our bedroom in a sexual context what would that be?  If you want to answer via email that's fine, or if you would prefer we can discuss this together later.  I love you and I so want to please you, so please consider my questions carefully and answer honestly.
Your always-horny-for-you wife

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