Monday, September 30, 2013

Shower, Interrupted

Author's note: this is an unedited copy. 

I had just finished soaping myself all over with the fragrant shower gel on my loofah, scrubbing gently in all my nooks and crannies and luxuriating in the heady floral smell and the slippery feel of the soap bubbles popping all over my body.  Now came the best part.  I turned the water up a little warmer and adjusted the spray so it was soft, like a heavy rain shower and leaned against the shower wall as wave after wave of warm water cascaded down over me.  This was the ultimate in relaxation, to hell with conserving water and energy! After what seemed like much too short a time, I could feel the water begin to cool again.  Damn, the hot water was running out. As I reached down to adjust the temperature, a hand suddenly clasped over mine.
 I gasped in shock, and felt adrenaline course through me as the fight or flight instinct suddenly took over and I prepared to kick some intruder ass. I looked up at my would-be attacker only to find my husband grinning at me.  "Logan! You scared me you ass!" I said as I glared accusingly at him.  "Jumpy this morning are we?" He retorted, his smile deepening.  "Well I am now, but I don't see why it makes you so happy," I said, trying not to be won over by his infectious grin.  "Well, sweetheart, the reason for my joy is that I get to interrupt your shower routine this morning, as you interrupted mine yesterday morning."  Apparently I had missed something because I had no clue what he was talking about, and I told him so. His look turned more serious.  "Jennifer, do you mean to tell me you have completely forgotten that you used all the hot water yesterday morning immediately after I reminded you not to?"  "Oh, that.  Um, yeah I guess I did.  I am sorry about that, but it doesn't give you the right to scare me half to death!" Once again that shit-eating grin adorned Logan's face as though he had a secret and it just thrilled him.

 "Why are you looking at me like that?" I questioned, since he obviously had something up his sleeve.  "Because I know why you used all the hot water yesterday," he gloated.  Immediately blood rushed to my cheeks as my embarrassment colored my face.  "You forgot to change the spray setting back to normal on the shower head before you got out.  And we both know that there is only one reason that you use the strong pulsing setting on the nozzle." I wanted to shrivel up and die on the spot.  He knew I had been masturbating with the shower head! I had been practicing every now and then because I wanted to be able to orgasm on my own, something I hadn't been able to do for a long time.  I had to have him inside me to be able to come and he knew it, the smug bastard. I had always thought that he was pleased by this, and my suspicions were confirmed when he began to talk again.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

And in the Beginning......

Hello people of blogland, and welcome to my imagination.  I will be posting stories I write from real life experience and from wishful thinking, about events in D/s, DD and just plain kinky, relationships.  There may even be some fanfic involved!  I welcome story requests from readers as well as feedback.