Monday, September 30, 2013

Shower, Interrupted

Author's note: this is an unedited copy. 

I had just finished soaping myself all over with the fragrant shower gel on my loofah, scrubbing gently in all my nooks and crannies and luxuriating in the heady floral smell and the slippery feel of the soap bubbles popping all over my body.  Now came the best part.  I turned the water up a little warmer and adjusted the spray so it was soft, like a heavy rain shower and leaned against the shower wall as wave after wave of warm water cascaded down over me.  This was the ultimate in relaxation, to hell with conserving water and energy! After what seemed like much too short a time, I could feel the water begin to cool again.  Damn, the hot water was running out. As I reached down to adjust the temperature, a hand suddenly clasped over mine.
 I gasped in shock, and felt adrenaline course through me as the fight or flight instinct suddenly took over and I prepared to kick some intruder ass. I looked up at my would-be attacker only to find my husband grinning at me.  "Logan! You scared me you ass!" I said as I glared accusingly at him.  "Jumpy this morning are we?" He retorted, his smile deepening.  "Well I am now, but I don't see why it makes you so happy," I said, trying not to be won over by his infectious grin.  "Well, sweetheart, the reason for my joy is that I get to interrupt your shower routine this morning, as you interrupted mine yesterday morning."  Apparently I had missed something because I had no clue what he was talking about, and I told him so. His look turned more serious.  "Jennifer, do you mean to tell me you have completely forgotten that you used all the hot water yesterday morning immediately after I reminded you not to?"  "Oh, that.  Um, yeah I guess I did.  I am sorry about that, but it doesn't give you the right to scare me half to death!" Once again that shit-eating grin adorned Logan's face as though he had a secret and it just thrilled him.

 "Why are you looking at me like that?" I questioned, since he obviously had something up his sleeve.  "Because I know why you used all the hot water yesterday," he gloated.  Immediately blood rushed to my cheeks as my embarrassment colored my face.  "You forgot to change the spray setting back to normal on the shower head before you got out.  And we both know that there is only one reason that you use the strong pulsing setting on the nozzle." I wanted to shrivel up and die on the spot.  He knew I had been masturbating with the shower head! I had been practicing every now and then because I wanted to be able to orgasm on my own, something I hadn't been able to do for a long time.  I had to have him inside me to be able to come and he knew it, the smug bastard. I had always thought that he was pleased by this, and my suspicions were confirmed when he began to talk again.

"Still couldn't do it, huh Jen? That's why all the hot water was gone, right? You tried until the water got too cold didn't you?" he questioned.  "I,, I wasn't able finish.  But I got closer! And I really am sorry about using all the hot water, I guess I got caught up in the moment and forgot that you asked me not to use it all.  Listen, I'm freezing.  Would you mind handing me that towel?" I asked, realizing that the water was just getting colder.  "No way, sweetheart.  We need to talk and I want to do it here and now.  I'll turn the water off for a second though" he answered.  "Gee thanks, that will keep me warm" I said under my breath. But I looked at him, ready to hear whatever he had to say.
"Jennifer, why are you so insistent that you learn to orgasm without me?" he asked.  I didn't want to answer.  The truth was embarrassing to me.  My feelings about both the question he asked and my answer to it bothered me.  But he wanted an answer and there was no way I could lie to this man.  Logan was the most caring man I had ever met, at least when it came to me.  He usually went out of his way to ensure my comfort (with the obvious exception of the present moment!) and to make sure all my needs were met.  As I continued to stand there naked, wet and freezing except for my flaming hot cheeks, he asked "Are you still satisfied with our sex life? Do you need it more often?"  Immediately I felt bad for causing him to worry that he wasn't pleasing me in some way.  Remembering the promise we had made to each other on our wedding day to always be glaringly honest with one another, I knew it was time to come clean.

"No, it's not that at all. I love what we do, although I'll never say no to more sex with you!" I assured him.  We already make love several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I am not one of those women who get "headaches" when her man wants sex and I thoroughly enjoy our romps together.  I swallowed my feelings of self-consciousness at what I was about to say and continued.  "It's just that I'm starting to feel like a "kept woman", like I'm too dependent on you for my sexual needs.  I can hear my feminist side screaming at me to take charge and take care of myself, not wait for my husband to do it for me!"

I saw him stifle a chuckle as made his face more serious with some obvious effort.  "Jen, my love, you are my wife.  You are supposed to depend on me for certain things, sexual fulfillment being a big one of those.   Remember that this is not one sided either.  We depend on each other for lots of things, that's how a healthy marriage works. We are not roommates just living alongside one another, nor are we just friends who live together and have sex.  You are MY wife," he said, emphasizing the 'my' quite a lot.  "Every part of you belongs to me, and every part of me belongs to you.  I love that I can give you pleasure that no one else, not even you, can give you.  I am completely at your disposal whenever you want me to be your personal dildo!" He said, a bit too enthusiastically, I thought.  Everything he had said made sense.  "Thank you," I said shyly.  I felt so silly now, making such a big issue of telling him how I felt.  He obviously understood me better than I even understood myself at the moment.

"Now that we have that all cleared up, we need to discuss your naughtiness from yesterday.  Using all the hot water after being asked not to, and then not sharing your true feelings with me until I asked you, tsk tsk young lady," he said with what I perceived as mock seriousness,  and he wagged a finger at me.  I laughed.  "Yes, Logan, I suppose I was wrong not to come to you with my feelings before now.  But I've been standing here naked so long that I'm not sure I even need a towel anymore.  Let me make it up to you by cooking you lunch." I offered.  I knew he loved it when I offered to feed him before he had to ask.  "Not this time. You broke a promise you made to me on our wedding day.  When that's happened before you seemed pretty sorry and acknowledged how serious it is when you're dishonest.  I know you didn't outright lie to me this time, but holding back your feelings can be damaging to our relationship and you know it.  You are a grown woman and you know better," he said to me.  Of course, I knew he was right. But that didn't mean I had to tell him so, right? God, I hate it when he's right! Standing there naked while my husband lectured me about my behavior made me feel like a naughty little girl in big trouble.  "I'm sorry," I told him.  I didn't know what else he expected me to say.  I could promise I would never hide any feelings from him again, but never is a long time and I am a realist.

"Thank you for your apology sweetheart, but you are going to be a whole lot sorrier when I get through with you.  I intend to make sure you fully realize the implications of your behavior, and to accomplish that I have decided to punish you," he declared.  I was convinced I hadn't heard him right.  Punish me? "I don't think I heard you correctly dear," I replied calmly. "Could you please repeat that?" I asked, sure my mind was playing tricks on me.  "I said," he repeated, "that I am going to punish you for breaking your vow to me.  I'm very disappointed that you chose that path and I'm going to spank you." He stopped for a moment, I guess to see if I was going to yell or rant or punch him and run (I thought about doing all three).  When I didn't react, he breathed a sigh of relief and continued "I love you too much to allow you to get away with anything that would jeopardize our relationship, and I probably should have done this sooner."  I was shocked and mulling it all over in my mind as he spoke.  He sounded hurt and sincere.  I felt terrible. I trusted this man with my life.  Did I really think he would hurt me? I knew the answer was no.  "Okay, Logan.  If that's what you think will help resolve this then do what you have to do.  I trust you," I said softly, looking up into his deep brown eyes.

I think it threw him a bit that I wasn't going to fight him or struggle, because he didn't do anything for a minute.  Then he turned the shower back on, to my surprise.  He handed the shower head to me, set on the strong pulsing setting, and said, "Use that on your pussy just like you did yesterday."  I just looked at him, blushing furiously again.  He smacked my ass and said, "Now."  Feeling uncomfortable but in no position to argue, I complied, closing my eyes so I didn't have to watch him watching me.  I felt his hand on my back, pushing me down as he commanded me to bend over.  My whole lower body was wet, Logan was getting wet, the bathroom floor was getting wet.  I was getting even wetter between my legs, both from the pulsing water vibrating around my clit and from my strong man taking control.  As soon as I was bent over to his satisfaction, he began smacking my ass hard, first one cheek, then the other, alternating to a steady rhythm.

After only a few spanks my bottom was stinging like crazy.  "Ow, Logan! I get it, you made your point!" I told him loudly, expecting him to stop.  He didn't.  Instead he smacked even harder, several times in the exact same spot and told me "Hush Jennifer.  I am in charge right now and I will decide when you've learned your lesson."  "Cut it out! This really hurts!" I yelled as I tried to stand up.  But his hand on my back held me firmly in place and he slapped my thighs a few times.  Oh. My. God!  If him spanking my wet behind was painful, him spanking  my wet thighs was pure torture.  I cried out with each slap, wishing I could stay silent and not give him the satisfaction of knowing how effective his spanking was.  Then, mercifully he returned his attention to my tender derriere and said "try to get up again and I will give you the rest of your punishment on your thighs!"  It was then that it became obvious to me just how serious he really was about this.  He wasn't stopping at a few slaps, he truly meant to punish me.

 All at once I felt helpless, remorseful, humbled.  The combination of those feelings plus the hard slaps to my wet rump started my tears flowing then.  "I'm so sorry!" I managed to choke out between sobs.  And even as I cried and  the burn in my ass cheeks grew truly unbearable I realized I was still holding the shower nozzle between my legs, and surprisingly it still felt really good, even through the haze of pain from the spanking that was still being administered to my hind end.  So lost I had been in the multitude of physical and emotional sensations I was experiencing, that I had almost forgotten that my husband was in the room with me, much less that he was the reason for all of these feelings, until he spoke.  "The next time you want your pussy pleasured what are you going to do, Jen?" He asked me, still spanking, not even breaking stride.  "I'll come to you..... and ask you to take care of me!" I answered through my tears.  "That's right, young lady, you will.  That's what I'm here for." I swear I heard a smile in his voice.  Then he picked up the pace and began raining down hard slaps and smacks much faster than before and he asked me "Are you going to keep your feelings from me anymore?"  "No!" I answered, blubbering like a baby, barely able to get the words out. "Ow, ow, Nooo! I'll tell you!" I promised.  "Good," he said, and delivered two final gunshot-loud slaps to the very lower curve of my butt cheeks before he stopped the spanking.

 Overwhelmed, it took me a while to realize my punishment was over. I was still bent over in the shower, with the shower nozzle still in place between my legs pulsing water around my engorged clit.  Suddenly the only thing I could feel was my need to come.  I needed release so badly, but of course I was helpless in that department.  Logan was still at my side, rubbing my back with the hand that had previously held me in place.  "Shh, baby, it's over now.  It's all over," he whispered, trying to stop my tears.  I just managed to squeak out "Please, fuck me. I need to come!" as I tried desperately to stop the tears.  My wonderful husband must have been pleased that I asked, because he lost no time in getting his pants off and getting into the shower behind me.

 He must have already been hard because it took him about two seconds flat to plunge his thick cock into me right up to the hilt. I hissed in pain and pleasure as his thighs slapped against my well-punished ass.  "There now, was that so hard to do, my horny little slut?" he asked, knowing that would turn me on, as he began to fuck me hard and fast.  He reached around me and grabbed my breasts in his hands, squeezing them and pinching my nipples as he pounded into me.  "Come for me baby, let me give you what you need," he whispered in my ear.  Almost immediately I came so hard I was unable to breathe while the pleasure rocked my body.  Logan came just after I did, unable to hold back any longer as the muscles of my wet slit clamped down on  his swollen cock with spasms from my incredible orgasm. Suddenly very sensitive, I removed the shower nozzle from between my legs and turned the water off, panting to catch my breath.  I turned to face my husband.  "Thank you Logan." was all I could manage to say right then, but I think he knew from my expression and my reactions to what had happened, that we had reached a new place in our relationship.  One that we would take lots of time to explore......

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  1. Very arousing and well written yoi should write more and try to make some money

    1. Thank you! I do plan on writing more soon and will post as soon as I have a rough draft :)