Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have a confession to make.......

I have recently been working hard at effective communication with my husband about topics that fluster and embarrass me.  Today, it is taking the form of a "Let's pretend, and this is what I imagine" type letter to him.  I can imagine what his response will be :)

Dear Sir,

I have a confession to make:  I have been feeling a little mischievous and I’ve been very tempted to be disobedient these past few days! I don’t like feeling this way, but I don’t act on these feelings because I don’t want you to be disappointed in me. I don’t want to do anything too bad….I just want you to be angry or frustrated enough with me  that you really want to teach me a lesson not to mess with the boss.  Last night was very nice and I did enjoy my time with you, especially after you were done whipping me and let me “thank” you properly on my knees.  But….I am still feeling like being a bit wicked! So let’s pretend that I really did drop your phone in the bath…..which I took while you weren’t home!  When you asked me where your phone was and I told you what happened, would you make me take my pants off and stand in front of you in just my panties and t-shirt while you lectured me about following the rules?  Would you tell me I was a very naughty girl? Would you make me ask you nicely for my spanking before pulling me down over your lap on the bed? I would say “Please spank me hard, Sir” even though I didn’t want you to because I would know I deserved it. And even though I don’t want to be punished I would only beg a couple of times “Please don’t spank me, I’ll be good!”  But I’m sure you wouldn’t listen to me because you know that if you don’t thoroughly assert yourself when I misbehave that I will think you don’t care about me anymore.  And you really do love me, so you would make up your mind to show me just how much! I would squirm over your lap a little bit I’m sure, as I heard you open the paddle drawer to choose an implement.  I would be praying that it’s not the motivator!  Since you would be spanking me because I was bad, I just know you would spank hard right from the start! You would probably ignore my desperate pleas and tell me to hold still and take my spanking since I earned it.  Would you put your leg over mine to stop my kicking from ruining your aim? Would I try to wiggle away, only to discover that I can’t move and I am completely at your mercy?  I think I would feel helpless then and remember that you really are the boss, as you light a fire in my bottom cheeks!  Would you pull my panties down then to make sure I could feel every hard, fast smack?  I know you would keep going until my ass was bright red all over and I was crying hard, because that’s how to make sure naughty wives remember to behave.  You would probably stop then and ask me if I was going to be good.  Of course I would answer “Yes, Sir” because I don’t want to be spanked anymore!  But you wouldn’t really care about what I want right then, just about what I need.  And I bet you’d think I need a little more “convincing” to really be good and not end up in trouble again anytime soon.  So you would decide to keep going, slower but very hard, while you remind me why I’m in trouble.  I bet you’d say “Do NOT take a bath unless I am home!” and “You should have been paying attention to the phone so it wouldn’t drop!” in between smacks. Then, once you were convinced that I was one very sorry girl, you would let me up and hold me.  You would tell me that it’s ok now and that I am your good girl again.  And I would know that you speak the truth: the punishment you selflessly administered has magically transformed me into an angel, and I know I wouldn’t feel the urge to be a brat for quite a while! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Communication.....It's hard!

Oh, the expressing of personal, private and confusing feelings to a rational-thinking man! Last night it was announced that I would be spanked today.  Not for anything in particular, but just because it has been a while.  Before Thanksgiving I was getting spanked (usually to tears) at least every other day for reasons various and sundry.  However, after the very long holiday breaks with our kids at home, like 31 extra days off between November and January, we totally fell out of the habit of spanking.  I still always get swats, sometimes really hard ones, throughout the day just because he likes to smack my butt :)  But even though I am pretty well-behaved, I do feel that I personally and our relationship generally both really benefit from my husband tanning my hide occasionally.
  I was trying to explain this to my husband this morning after he had spanked me moderately for just a few minutes.....then said we were done. Just enough to make me wiggle and get mad at him.  I didn't mean to,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Public Spanking......Almost?

Today I had to go to my least favorite shopping venue in the whole world: Walmart.  Ash (my husband) had to come with me so he could pick up some manly stuff I wouldn't have found even though he hates shopping.  I really cannot tell you how much I hate this place.  People are rude and it smells like old fried food in there, plus I don't like crowds to begin with.  So Ash was pushing the cart as I walked slightly behind him (he's fast!) and texting someone so he kept stopping and I thought it was obnoxious. Of course I'm such an angel that I didn't tell him that, I just offered to to push the cart in, um, maybe not my sweetest tone.  He declined and we continued.  I continued to gripe throughout our trip and apparently he had had enough by the time we were done checking out because he asked me quite loudly as we were walking away from the checkstand "Do you need a spanking right now? Should I turn you over my knee right here? We could get them to do the announcement, you know: Ding ding, beat your wife!" Of course I insisted that I did not need any such intervention, trying my hardest not to blush to my roots and failing.  I was too embarrassed to look around to see if people were staring, so I just ducked my head and kept walking with him.  I didn't think he would truly do such a thing, as we have discussed it before and he said he wouldn't out in the open.  But sometimes he throws me for a loop.  He says he likes to keep me on my toes.  I didn't get spanked when we got home either as I was exhausted from throwing mini tantrums shopping and our children were due to arrive shortly.  Not that I am complaining! My booty hasn't had a very good "workout" in almost a month due to kids on vacation, and I am apprehensive about the first real spanking I will get since they're back at school. I have been given shorter ones or a quick hard paddling with the big scary paddle, but not much else.  Personally I don't think I should be blamed for my behavior today.  I did try some of the time to be good :)  I guess we'll see what Ash has to say when he comes home tonight.  Wish me luck!