Thursday, November 21, 2013

Come on honey, you know you want to turn it pink!

Implements: do you have any that you either prefer or can't stand?  What's the strangest thing you've been spanked with? Either point of view(ladies or gents) welcome.  My husband is a creative guy when it comes to whacking my butt. I've been spanked with a hanger, an un-braided leather belt, a small fry pan, a metal spoon, a yardstick, a dowel rod, and a long extension piece of my vacuum!

My personal favorite right now is the black leather belt that my husband fashioned into a spanking strap just for me :x It has just the right combination of bite and thud, and pretty easy to deal with for a couple of minutes. 

 I also hate like the new large wooden spatula that I brought home as a present for him recently (if he uses it moderately--not when he goes hard and fast!).  It's about palm-sized and heavy for a kitchen item.  If I had know just how stingy this thing is I may not have purchased it :)  

My least favorite is the big scary wood paddle. It's about an inch thick, yikes! It is mainly used for the "short sharp shock" type of spanking, or to make a point at the end of one. And boy does it! I avoid this thing like the plague.  It's strange, but it makes my cheeks feel numb and bee-stung at the same time

We also have a black plastic paddle.  It was our very first implement.  My husband took me to a store one town over that sold exclusively lingerie and sex toys/accessories.  After he helped me pick out the paddle, he made me be the one to bring it up and hand it to the young male clerk so he could pay for it! I think that may have been the most embarrassing thing I ever had to do :"> I blush easily and I'm sure I was lobster colored until we got home.

That about sums up our "collection".  He used to use a hairbrush too but recently broke that one one me. Lately Ash has told me that he wants a bigger paddle with holes for when I am particularly snapish or attitudey (his words, not mine!) I would really prefer that we don't get one.  However, I have a feeling that it, or something else sinister is going to find its way to me soon because today he had me sit on his lap and asked if I was naughty or nice.  I couldn't help but tell him how 'naughty' I've been, and he said "What should a naughty girl get in her Christmas stocking?"  I answered with, "A lump of coal!"  He just shook his head and grinned (quite evilly if you ask me!). I was kidding of course but I got the distinct impression that he wasn't. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

And The Answer is.......My HOH!

I love it when I try to do something I shouldn't and he doesn't let me! I don't do it on purpose, and I am mad at him at the time, but afterwards I realize my mistake and am so appreciative of him :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day!

For those of you who stop by to read but don't comment, this is your day! Please take this day to say hi and de-lurk for a moment.  I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blog and welcome the chance to tell you :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Spanking Every Hour

Update to: One Happy Woman......For Now!
Well, it is official. I am well-spanked!  Getting spanked every hour, on the hour from 9 am to 3 pm, and then again before bed at 10, didn't sound so bad when my husband Ash proposed the idea two days ago.  In fact, I was kind of excited.  I love to feel his power over me, even if I don't love the temporary pain.  The knowledge that I would be getting "taken in hand" so regularly revved my engine! Also, the spankings he gives me really help my overall pain levels, and I HATE having to ask him outright to spank me because it makes me feel like a naughty little girl confessing a misdeed and asking for her sentence to be handed down! That couldn't have anything to do with the delighted and devilish smirk he gets when I ask, could it?
 So I thought his idea was a good one and I was relieved to not have the embarrassment of asking for one day.  However, I didn't take into account the fact that he had given me a pretty rough belt whipping (at my request) the day he thought of this plan (Wednesday).  Luckily he didn't implement the hourly spankings until Thursday, but the areas that bruised and swelled from the belt were just as bad Thursday as they were the day I got them.
For my first spanking of the day at 9, I asked if we could speak about the state of my bottom before he began, and he said yes, but I had to get into position first! Smart man, too, because I definitely remember not to be sassy when I'm bent over for him.  I pointed out the areas I was concerned about, and he said, "Well, I guess your thighs are going to get it a lot today then."  So not what I was trying to say! True to his word, he did focus much of his loving attention on the very under-swell of my backside and the tops of my thighs, throughout the day's "activities". I was spanked with his hand, the big belt, the black plastic paddle, and  the back scratcher throughout the day, and a plastic dowel before bed.  Thankfully he didn't use the super scary big wood paddle at all.  That one always bruises and hurts quite badly. So this morning I am a vibrant mix of purple and blue blotches in the back, but I'm not too sore. Interestingly, Ash(who NEVER give a warm-up!) did do a warm-up session before each spanking in consideration of the state my bottom was already in.  While it helped me to be able to better tolerate each session, I'm not sure it helped prevent any more bruising.  In the end (no pun intended!) I consider the experiment a success.  I got a lot of attention, and Ash's arm and shoulder got a workout. We had fun, but I think I'll stick to my once or twice a day from now on. 
This is not my own backside, but the marks are similar to what I'm rockin' now!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Happy Woman...For Now!!!!

Today I told my husband, who is not a natural "spanko" that I would probably always need more spanking than would naturally cross his mind.  I told him this because I thought he was getting bored with me.  I usually get spanked at least once a day, sometimes thoroughly and other times not so thoroughly.  This helps me in ways I can't really explain, but it reduces my overall physical pain level greatly.  He knows this and is always willing to help, but I want him to enjoy himself too! His response was, "Ok, for the next several days I will spank you every hour.  Every two minutes seems excessive, but every hour sounds good!"  Oh, what have I gotten myself into?  I will let you know how it goes if I can sit to type any time soon :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just another spanking meme.....

There is a part for the spanker and the spankee, so if you want to participate pick which one fits you and if you wish, ask your other half to answer their part!  It could be a good tool for couples to see if they're on the same page....... at the least, it could be entertaining.  In the interest of simplicity, I am assuming that the spanker is male and the spankee is female.  I know that this is not always the case, and no offense meant! Feel free to use/repost and change it to meet your needs :)  My husband and I filled these out separately and were a bit surprised at times by the others answers.  He is obviously a man of action, not words! Lol

For The Spanker:

What is your favorite position to have your naughty girl in when you spank her?
 bent over 

What do you prefer to spank her with?
my work belt 

Is there a ritual you use before, during or after a spanking? If yes, what is it and why is it important?
tell my wife that this is good for her and I rub her back after I'm done 

Are there other punishments you use and what are they?

Do you have a set list of rules for your woman or are there just general guidelines?
just do what she's told to do

What is your main reason for having a spanking relationship?
To have her know who is boss and to help her with pain 

Is spanking ever sexual?  If not, is there ever incidental arousal on your part?
It is starting to get me more and more excited 

Would you ever spank her in public if she needed it?

What do you think about her moving, making noise or crying out loud while you are spanking her? How does is make you feel and how does it affect how hard/long you spank?
It makes me laugh sometimes and gets me aroused when she starts to wiggle around  with her ass naked 

Have you/would you ever tell someone (not on the internet!) about this part of your relationship?

For The Spankee:

What is your favorite position to be spanked in?
Over his lap

What do you prefer to be spanked with?
His hand, wooden spoon, or occasionally something thin and whippy

Does your HOH use rituals when he spanks you? How does it make you feel?
He usually makes me pull my pants down and get into position.  Sometimes I have to fetch the implement, and I always have to say thank you, but I am grateful so I don't mind.  I like the rituals and feel that they add to the atmosphere.

What other punishments/restrictions have been imposed on you?  Do you prefer those or spanking?
I have been sent to bed early,  I have a set bedtime during the week, a couple of times (years ago) I have had to sit naked in a chair in front of an open door in the winter time.  I prefer a spanking most of the time, but other punishments are effective too.

Do you have rules or guidelines, and if so, which are hardest for you to follow?
Just generally obey him and don't do things I know he doesn't want me to to.  I only have a hard time obeying when I really really want to do something but he doesn't want me to.

What is your motivation to be in a spanking relationship?
I have craved this kind of relationship for forever, and am naturally submissive only to my husband.  I do it for our mutual happiness. 

Is spanking ever sexual for you?  Even if it's not, does your body ever respond with arousal to a spanking?
Yes, there is always an element of sex for me, even if it's purely punishment.  I love the D/s flavor of my marriage and anytime my husband takes control of me it turns me on a little :) 

Would you ever act out/challenge your man in public? If so, what do you hope his response would be?
I have before, but never on purpose.  Actually, this week while out shopping he threatened to take me to the kitchen-ware section and find a spatula to smack me with if I didn't stop being sassy.  I said "You wouldn't spank me here!?!" in a whisper, but the look he gave me made me unsure and I was very polite after that.  I think he might've given me a swat or two, actually.  A great fantasy but I think it would be highly embarrassing to experience. 

Do you ever move, make noise or cry out loud while you are being spanked? Do you feel like it makes a difference in how long/hard you are spanked?
I always do my best not to move much, though I sometimes have a hard time.  I also do my best to limit the noise I make, as I would never want someone besides my husband to hear me! I do think that when I am genuinely crying it makes my man want to stop, although for me to really get an emotional release I need a few minutes longer at least. 

Have you/would you ever tell someone (not on the internet!) about this part of your relationship?
I kind of did once, on accident.  I went with a friend to the swimming pool and I wore shorts over my bathing suit.  She asked why, and I said that I had gotten into trouble, but didn't elaborate and she didn't ask questions after that. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

How I Feel About Spanking......In Photos

Apprehensive, nervous, scared, sometimes defiant

Sorry, helpless,self-pity, sad

Loved, calm, happy, submissive

Why do I Want to Bite my Husband When he Spanks me?

I wonder if I am alone in this feeling?  In the big picture, I want my husband to spank me anytime he feels it would benefit me/him/us.  But as soon as I know I will be getting a spanking soon, I get nervous.  I hesitate when he calls me over, I pull my pants down when asked but then try to tug my shirt lower.  It takes forever for me to get into position, hoping to delay the process, but I get hurried along with swats anyway.  As my butt is being rained upon by a fiery brush that must have come from hell, all I can think about is how much it hurts and try to stay in position.  If I am spanked long enough, usually a few minutes after I start really crying, I turn into an obedient angel ready and willing to please my husband.  However, if he stops short of that, I come up trying desperately not to utter the words waiting to spring forth from my tongue. Words like bigmeaniestupidheadIdon'tlikeyourightnow! and goawaythathurtyoua-hole!  Words that needless to say(but I'm still saying it!), are generally not well received.  This is what happened today. I am sitting on a freshly spanked backside at the moment and have been ordered asked by my husband to write about my feelings and view of the experience. So, in mostly non-fiction format, here is how I experienced my spanking:

"Okay, it's time.  Go fetch the brush," Ash said, looking at his beautiful wife of 10 years.  "Already? How come I have to go get it?" she replied feeling embarrassed that she had to do this, not quite whining but close.  "Because I have the power, and I order you to get it," he told her, daring her with a stern look to push the issue.  He knew that the real answer was that it was a sign of his dominance and her submission, and it helped put her in the right mindset to be disciplined, but he waited for her to comply without further explanation. "Fine, but I have to use the bathroom first," she said, reluctantly getting up from her perch on the sofa and heading to the bathroom.  Once inside, she prepared for her impending fate by using the facilities, brushing her hair, pulling all the hair out of the brush that was there from before and examining different items on the counter before she was rudely interrupted by a knock and a "Hurry up in there!" from the bossy gentleman outside the door.  Time to face the music.  She opened the door and handed the instrument of her doom to the man that was about to demonstrate his love for her in a very unconventional way.
She went to her usual spot over the back of the couch when she heard "Pants down, young lady."