Friday, November 8, 2013

A Spanking Every Hour

Update to: One Happy Woman......For Now!
Well, it is official. I am well-spanked!  Getting spanked every hour, on the hour from 9 am to 3 pm, and then again before bed at 10, didn't sound so bad when my husband Ash proposed the idea two days ago.  In fact, I was kind of excited.  I love to feel his power over me, even if I don't love the temporary pain.  The knowledge that I would be getting "taken in hand" so regularly revved my engine! Also, the spankings he gives me really help my overall pain levels, and I HATE having to ask him outright to spank me because it makes me feel like a naughty little girl confessing a misdeed and asking for her sentence to be handed down! That couldn't have anything to do with the delighted and devilish smirk he gets when I ask, could it?
 So I thought his idea was a good one and I was relieved to not have the embarrassment of asking for one day.  However, I didn't take into account the fact that he had given me a pretty rough belt whipping (at my request) the day he thought of this plan (Wednesday).  Luckily he didn't implement the hourly spankings until Thursday, but the areas that bruised and swelled from the belt were just as bad Thursday as they were the day I got them.
For my first spanking of the day at 9, I asked if we could speak about the state of my bottom before he began, and he said yes, but I had to get into position first! Smart man, too, because I definitely remember not to be sassy when I'm bent over for him.  I pointed out the areas I was concerned about, and he said, "Well, I guess your thighs are going to get it a lot today then."  So not what I was trying to say! True to his word, he did focus much of his loving attention on the very under-swell of my backside and the tops of my thighs, throughout the day's "activities". I was spanked with his hand, the big belt, the black plastic paddle, and  the back scratcher throughout the day, and a plastic dowel before bed.  Thankfully he didn't use the super scary big wood paddle at all.  That one always bruises and hurts quite badly. So this morning I am a vibrant mix of purple and blue blotches in the back, but I'm not too sore. Interestingly, Ash(who NEVER give a warm-up!) did do a warm-up session before each spanking in consideration of the state my bottom was already in.  While it helped me to be able to better tolerate each session, I'm not sure it helped prevent any more bruising.  In the end (no pun intended!) I consider the experiment a success.  I got a lot of attention, and Ash's arm and shoulder got a workout. We had fun, but I think I'll stick to my once or twice a day from now on. 
This is not my own backside, but the marks are similar to what I'm rockin' now!


  1. Ouch ouch OUCH! You know last year when we started ttwd I used to bruise something awful. I remember Dana from Dana and Steve telling me that someday that won't happen. I honestly couldn't believe it. I mean I bruise every where for the slightest bump.
    You know what? She was right! Funny thing is ( well not FUNNY but you know) now I feel jipped! I mean the spankings are WAY more intense and longer and I have nothing to show for my troubles, aside from chapped skin! LOL . Have you tried Arnica Gel? It really does help with the bruising.

    BTW I hate the back scratcher more than the HUGE paddle we have. Probably because Barney uses it mostly on my upper thighs...grrrr.

    Happy you were happy with your experiment. Not sure I would be!

  2. My boyfriend believe punishment spanking should be embarrassing and painful and he uses that dam bamboo backscracter also and its a ritual. When I earn a disciple spanking I stand in the corner holding the backscracter while he set a countdown timer and doesn't let me know how long. Than, I have to turn around and tell him why I'm going to be spanked. He than order me to drop'em. I push push my jeans and panties down to my knees but no further. He is across the room with a foot stool and a pillow. I shuffle over to him slowly. When I reach him he asks me the same dam question as if I didn't know. "What part of is going to be paddling you?" "The flat part of the handle" he takes this the dam thing and he gives me my pillow. I'm 5'8 and only weight 124Lb or so, very petite. He put put his foot on this stool and lifts me up and over his leg with me bent in half and tangling in my cowboy boots and half bare. Tapping me for ever leaving me in total anticipation. He doesn't believe in warm ups either. He also does believe is short, soft or slow paddle spanking. With rapid fire swats from beginning to end. He starts with my upper thighs, I know too well what your going through and literally paddle his way up to my upper bottom. I have welts all over and I'm hiccup sobbing when he is done. When he stops I have to to that post spanking hop. I push my hips forward, throw my hands back frantically rubbing my flaming backside and hop up and down. I do it instinctively but also longer on purpose because he like it and its a part of our disciple agreement. The thing about that backscracter is that it smacks both checks simultaneously and you never get numb to it, every whack feels like its new. They should all be burned. I wonder if I am the only that does the post hoping dance and is required to do as a part of discipline too. But that's the my paddle disciple spanking go in our home.