Thursday, November 21, 2013

Come on honey, you know you want to turn it pink!

Implements: do you have any that you either prefer or can't stand?  What's the strangest thing you've been spanked with? Either point of view(ladies or gents) welcome.  My husband is a creative guy when it comes to whacking my butt. I've been spanked with a hanger, an un-braided leather belt, a small fry pan, a metal spoon, a yardstick, a dowel rod, and a long extension piece of my vacuum!

My personal favorite right now is the black leather belt that my husband fashioned into a spanking strap just for me :x It has just the right combination of bite and thud, and pretty easy to deal with for a couple of minutes. 

 I also hate like the new large wooden spatula that I brought home as a present for him recently (if he uses it moderately--not when he goes hard and fast!).  It's about palm-sized and heavy for a kitchen item.  If I had know just how stingy this thing is I may not have purchased it :)  

My least favorite is the big scary wood paddle. It's about an inch thick, yikes! It is mainly used for the "short sharp shock" type of spanking, or to make a point at the end of one. And boy does it! I avoid this thing like the plague.  It's strange, but it makes my cheeks feel numb and bee-stung at the same time

We also have a black plastic paddle.  It was our very first implement.  My husband took me to a store one town over that sold exclusively lingerie and sex toys/accessories.  After he helped me pick out the paddle, he made me be the one to bring it up and hand it to the young male clerk so he could pay for it! I think that may have been the most embarrassing thing I ever had to do :"> I blush easily and I'm sure I was lobster colored until we got home.

That about sums up our "collection".  He used to use a hairbrush too but recently broke that one one me. Lately Ash has told me that he wants a bigger paddle with holes for when I am particularly snapish or attitudey (his words, not mine!) I would really prefer that we don't get one.  However, I have a feeling that it, or something else sinister is going to find its way to me soon because today he had me sit on his lap and asked if I was naughty or nice.  I couldn't help but tell him how 'naughty' I've been, and he said "What should a naughty girl get in her Christmas stocking?"  I answered with, "A lump of coal!"  He just shook his head and grinned (quite evilly if you ask me!). I was kidding of course but I got the distinct impression that he wasn't. 

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