Monday, February 10, 2014

Laughing During Punishment

I kind of blew my own mind last night.  Ash and I had been having a very enjoyable evening together and went upstairs for bed around midnight.  I went into the bathroom to get ready and he got into bed.  When I came to get into bed, he was under his blankets and left mine in a pile! I hurried to get everything untangled and was flipping blankets all around when he asked me "What are you pissed off about?" I told him I wasn't, just trying to get my side of the bed situated and I was cold.  It took me a few minutes to finish with the blankets and another couple to get comfortable, all the while I was apparently "making pissy breathing noises and huffing my breath out like I was mad".  When I was finally settled, Ash grabbed my face in his hands and asked me again what was wrong. I, of course, said "Nothing!" because I wasn't mad, maybe annoyed that he left my side of the bed a mess.....but it was late and I wanted to move on to more fun activities :) Well, that is not what ended up happening.
Convinced I was upset(I was sure I wasn't), Ash continued to talk to me, and then started lecturing....but I interrupted him. Twice. In a row! I didn't really mean to, but I was trying to come to my own defense. Besides, now I was mad because he was making fun of my pouty face(which I most definitely was not
making!) and he said I looked like a little girl in a cartoon.  After the second time I interrupted on accident, he made me go get a plastic hanger and lay down in front of him on the bed. I had already been spanked with the wooden spatula and the flogger about an hour before(not for misbehavior, I am usually an angel!), but I wasn't sore.  He started in on me, over my panties and almost immediately broke part of the hanger.
 I don't know what came over me, but I thought it was hilarious because the broken part flew through the air and hit the wall.  I tried really hard to contain my laughter, hoping he would think it was sobbing, but all too soon I was bursting out loudly in a fit of laughter.  I must have an infectious laugh, because Ash began to chuckle, and asked me why I was laughing.
 When I told him why, he agreed that it was hilarious and laughed with me some more. "Also, I can't really feel that hanger through my panties," I told him, then wondered WHY I had said that. It was the truth, but did I have to say it out loud? I swear I must have been possessed at that point, because something made me reach around and give myself a wedgie so he had better access! "There, have at it" I told him, still kind of chuckling. With that, he began to punish me hard and very fast and my laughter turned into sobs in seconds. Thank goodness he didn't go for too long or I would've had to sleep on my stomach.  I had no idea that a plastic hanger could hurt like that!Today, I realized I am due to start my period any day now so I am chocking up the whole incident from start to finish on hormones(and possible possession).  I hope I am not bratty this evening, now that he found a quick cure :)


  1. That was so funny....until the punishment part! My Love has never used a hanger on me before...laughs to tears in seconds!! I'm scared now!
    Hope you're better today! - I always get a bit mouthy and bratty a few days before I start my period too.

  2. Hi Jacy,
    Glad you saw the humor! I am doing much better today, thank you :)

  3. Times like that are fun aren't they... the laughing part. :)


    1. Hi Sara,
      Yes, they are so fun! Just another human experience that can be fun, sad, scary, anything really :)

  4. I am also a sub but I think that I wouldn't be okay with my top prescribing to me that I was upset when I wasn't... maybe it was just part of the game?

    1. Hi Anon,
      We weren't playing a game, my husband is my dom/hoh/master 24/7 so life presents plenty of situations for us to work through without setting anything up. It was annoying that he thought I was mad when I wasn't and wouldn't let it go, but that really was my own fault. I have a bad habit of not wanting to talk to him when I am upset, so I always say nothing is wrong when I am upset. I'm sure you can see now why he grilled me the way he did :-) I am learning to talk to him when I am upset though! Thanks for commenting :-)