Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sometimes, a picture that may not be specifically geared toward spanking can spark the imagination nonetheless.  What do you imagine happened here, with the expression on her face and the oar in the water? Maybe she was acting up in the boat and jumped out to avoid an imminent spanking.  Maybe she was getting into the boat but was smacked on her booty with an oar and fell out! What do you think could have happened?      
What about this one? Perhaps getting ready for a bedtime spanking or.........?

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  1. Love the pinups and also your scenarios, River.
    In the first drawing I think the naughty imp was acting up in the boat rocking it back and forth but got a little too rambunctious and tipped the boat over. Her companion is not too happy and is about to give the naughty girl a well deserved wet bottom spanking.

    In the second drawing the young lady is actually kneeling in the corner waiting for a bedtime spanking for naughtiness committed earlier in the day. Her pajama bottoms were already removed by her spanker to heighten her embarrassment. She is faking a yawn to show she is not concerned about her upcoming trip to Lapland, but inside she is nervous but also excited about her impending fate.

    1. Good imagination Michael! I especially love your take on the second photo! Sometimes I try to fake nonchalance as well, but he quickly makes me squirm anyway :)