Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Asking for it

I got spanked today.  No, I wasn't in trouble, it was a "medicine" spanking.  I have a medical condition that causes severe pain in my muscles and joints, and there are few effective treatments for it.  The treatments there are happen to have pretty bad side effects as well, so I choose not to take them.  Quite by accident, I found out that when my husband spanks me (it has to be fairly hard and at least a couple of minutes) the pain in my joints is drastically reduced for at least several hours! I have no idea why this is so, or how it works but I am thankful to have a pain-reliever that has no harmful side effects. Yes, it hurts.  But I'll take a few minutes of hot buns to avoid raw aching pain all over with every move I make (but ask me right before i am to be spanked and I'm not so sure!)  So in order for me to live with as little pain as possible, he administers spankings to my bouncing behind at least every other day, sometimes multiple times in a day.

At first when we started this he would just tell me "it's time" if he saw me wincing as I picked something up, or ask if I needed any "medicine" which is our word for this type of spanking.  Most often if he asked I would say "No thank you".   Although it provides great relief of pain everywhere else, actively choosing to be spanked does suck.  I like it better when he just orders me over the bed or back of the couch. But recently he's added a new twist.  Now, not only must I willingly comply with baring my ass, bending over, and staying still during the process, I now am responsible for asking for it.  So now I have to work up the courage to ask nicely for my spanking, knowing he will happily give me what I truly need.
 Today I had to go fetch the paddle, then pull my pants down and bend over the couch.  He didn't begin right away, and asked "it sucks to wait doesn't it?" Of course I agreed with him, but right as I was about to add "yes but it sucks even more when it starts!" he began to paddle me. I don't know why it surprised me, but it did and I called out for him to wait, to stop for a minute.  He kept paddling away and just said "uh-uh".  I wasn't spanked yesterday, and apparently my memory is short because I don't remember it hurting so bad so quickly before.
 I am usually spanked until I cry at least, but I think I started to cry less than a minute in this time! Thankfully my tears did not deter him and I was paddled for at least a few minutes I think (neither of us keep track of the time or number of swats).  Then he let me up and asked how I was, and if I thought I needed more.  I told him I was fine of course but I definitely didn't need any more!  Well, he decided I did.  So back over I went for several more hard stinging smacks with the big wood paddle.  By the time he was done my face was soaked with my tears and I was gasping for breath.  As soon as he told me I could get up and pull my panties up I was so grateful! I hugged him and thanked him, of course, as I dried my tears.   So I'm sitting on a deliciously sore bum as I type, thinking about how thankful I am to have a husband like mine.
I'm thankful that he doesn't stop spanking me when I beg him to or when I cry.  I'm thankful that he knows how to keep me in a submissive state of mind, and looks out for my best interests and that of our family.  But mostly I'm thankful that he's mine and I am his, forever.

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