Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Return of Everyday Spankings

Fall is almost here! It is the best season of all time for many reasons, not the least of which is the more temperate weather and beautiful colors. I plan to spend most of my time for the next three months in a place that looks like this

Another great thing about Autumn is that the kids have all gone back to school, which means that Ash and I now have a couple hours each day together, kid-free.  And of course, that means lots more spankings for me.  Today was the first of many "good girl" spankings. Before you say "lucky girl!", let me explain. During the summer, I mostly just get punishment spankings and occasional stress relief or reconnection spankings. During the fall winter and spring, I get almost daily long, hard spankings (for me that's like 10 minutes or so) to keep me in an obedient and submissive mindset and to help me remember to be good, because I HATE punishments, even though they are no where near as hard or long. Ash calls these good girl spankings because they help me be his good girl.  I tried explaining what I think a good girl spanking should be (you know, not too hard, lots of sexy touching, etc.) but so far he's not so receptive to the idea. He likes his way better. Imagine that. On the bright side, when it's all over I do feel more connected to him and I have an easier time obeying and having a good attitude.
I am also very much looking forward to fall food! In the summer we keep things light with lots of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and lean protein as the bulk of what we eat. But in the fall and winter there are so many possibilities, and I can use my oven again!


 I am in the process of writing a new book too. I got half way done with my last book before my computer crashed and I lost ALL my data. So this time, I keep back-ups! I have been writing fiction for a long time, and spanking fiction for about 10 years, but I've never considered publishing until recently. When I began blogging this time, it was with the intention of sharing some of that work, thus the blog title. But after reviewing some old stuff, I decided my style has changed for the better so I'm not sharing those! As I get further into the plot of my current work, I am hoping to post excerpts here to see what people think. I would love feedback, positive or negative, as long as it's constructive and honest :) I am having so much fun tapping into my inner magic for this story!  Hopefully I will be able to post more often now that I have my days somewhat to myself again too.

 Happy end of Summer!
May we all remember our blessings that they lessen our burdens.


  1. I love fall, it's my favorite season. Good for you for going for it. You never know how good your writing is if you don't try.

    1. Hi Blondie,
      Thanks for the words of encouragement, its actually my husbands idea :-) I would never have thought to try publishing if it weren't for him.

  2. Hey River...I do love Spring and Fall...could do without the extremes of Summer and Winter. LOL Ash really has an interesting definition of good girl spankings!

    Congratulations for writing and please do share excerpts here...will be happy to give you feedback but bottom line...it's only important that it makes you happy! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hi Cat,
      I like the extremes for a little while, but about 1 month into it I'm over it :-) As for Ash, I think he needs a spank dictionary! I am excited to share some of what I'm writing, and I am happy with it so far. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Hi River, fall is lovely, the colours that you can see then are so marvelous. I love that too. …
    You know that I crave a (good girl) spanking, and my first thought when I read ‘almost daily’ about yours was ‘wow, that’s a lot’. No criticism intended, it is just more than we did in the past, so it only means it is another way of doing spankings. But I fully understand that you’d love to have the softer version of good girl spanking, too. And, I completely get you about the lovely results of it all. There is so much intimacy in spankings for us, too (soon again) and I love how much we are in tune afterwards. Punishments included
    I am happy for you having more husband and wife time, because the kids are busy for a few hours. This really opens up so many new opportunities for nice things to do! And cooking all the awesome fall meals is one of them. We have started the (early) fall cooking season with light orange coloured pumpkin soup and I hope I can do some recipes this fall with all the good and fresh veggies, but the freezer is filled to the limit, just to be on the safe side.
    I can’t wait to read your excerpts here to find out what your story is about and what the characters are like. I am sure that it will be great.



    1. Hi Nina,
      Sometimes it can be a lot to get spanked 3 or 4 days in a row, but its good too. I know you miss your gg spankings, and I would like to say "it will seem like no time at all till you get one" but the last month or two of pregnancy always seemed to drag by for me! I hope that it goes quick for you though :-) it's good your freezer's full, that will come in handy I'm sure. I look forward to your opinions on my writing, with your background!

  4. Fall is the best hair season of all ! Just sayin' LOL. The only downfall to fall is that it doesn't last nearly long enough here and is followed up by winter! ( Which I can handle until about January lol). Upside to fall/winter is Dd seems to become more on point here as well. Well upside, bottoms up. You know.

    Enjoy your time with Ash. Goodness knows it sounds like you need it ( Um I mean after all the people in your house this summer- not because you are NAUGHTY or anything)


    1. Willie, I'm totally with you on the seasons! Me, naughty? Never! :-P