Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Caution: Changes in The Road Ahead!

Life is sure crazy these days. Spring is here and the time to sit under a cozy blanket and blog by the fire is gone. Now I'm lucky if I get to sit down at all during the day! This is the time for digging in the garden, going to the park, walking to school instead of driving, and opening the windows wide. Unfortunately this leaves little time for playing on the internet. In addition to this, my 2 young nephews are now living with my husband and I for at least the next month. It is a big change for us to add 2 preschoolers to our 3 bedroom house, especially since my youngest is now 8, so nothing is childproofed anymore :) But all is going well so far. They miss their parents of course, but we are staying busy.

{not us of course but you get the picture!}

I do, however, miss my privacy terribly. I used to have a few uninterrupted hours every day with my Sir, but that is now a thing of the past. We have 2 hours alone together 3-4 days a week, which I know is more than some people get, but I have been spoiled. Thank goodness he is such a wonderful man. Our dd-D/s dynamic has not slipped even a little, despite having constant company these days. Even when his mother came to spend the day with us, I was not excused from answering with "yes, Sir" to his questions and requests. And he must have been feeling particularly ballsy today because we had all 5 children plus 2 neighbor kids playing at our house. They all ran upstairs while we were downstairs, and he quickly whipped my pants down and smacked my ass a couple of times, very hard. Then he pulled my pants up and and answered to my questioning look, "Just because."

 I can still kneel at his feet and hug him, though I will have a toddler climbing on my back, and though it is really a struggle sometimes to maintain my submission when I am managing 5 loud boisterous small people and all the meals and squabbles and needs that come with them, he really helps keep me calm and centered.
So while I will be sneaking in reading and commenting as much as time will allow, I kind of doubt that I will have very much time to post. If anything happens here that truly bears mention though, I promise I'll make an effort.  Though it does seems that blogland is less occupied these days, this is the season to get up and play and make the most of the sunshine if we get any :)  When darker, chilly days return, I'm sure we'll all pick up our mugs of cider and our laptops to hunker down and ponder more deeply ttwd.


  1. River, I am completely with you. Now that the better weather is back, there are so many more things that we can do. And with three young ones around things are getting really busy for sure. :) I am sorry that you have so much less privacy at the moment. That is a real drawback and I hope so much that you find at least all the time that you need. Well, your Sir seems to find those moments, even with seven kids upstairs. :) I loved the picture of intimacy it created, but I think I would have been dead nervous in that moment.
    I can understand that summertime is not the time for much blogging and activity is going down in blogland at the moment. I always love your comments (thank you for the orgasm at bedtime-comment!) and would be veeery glad if you sneaked in and commented when you find time. But the most important thing is that you find the time you need for your husband and family, and all the nice things that can only happen in summer.



    1. It is a challenge having less privacy, but it's worth it :-) I hope the orgasm "therapy" is useful, but if not, nothing lost :-) I hope you get to enjoy the outdoors too!

  2. LOL RW...sounds like you have your plate full but as long as you turn to your Sir rather than away from him, it will all work out fine. Blog land does seem to slow down several times a year...this too shall pass. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. 5 kids, holy cow. I do not envy you, but you two seem like you can handle it very well, without even messing up your DD dynamic :) Enjoy the livelihood of your household for the next month or so!

    1. Yes, it's a boisterous time and full of surprises. We will enjoy it :-)